Interview Coaching

Are you prepared for the unknown?

Professional Interview Preparation & Coaching

How do you know if you need interview coaching and whether or not you will benefit? Count the number of interviews you attend and compare this to the number of job offers… Still counting? You need an independent second opinion. We will help you through what can be an intimidating experience and one that most of us dread. Interviewing is not something you tend to do on regular basis therefore it makes you feel uncomfortable and less confident. We address these common issues and plenty more through our simulated interview delivered via telephone or with webcam through Skype (VOIP).

So Your Interview is Booked in but…

  • You get nervous when it’s a panel interviewing you
  • You’ve been one of the many unsuccessful applicants at an Assessment Centre
  • Your resume gets plenty of interviews but you never make it through the interview process
  • Or like so many, you simply do not know what to expect

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with any of the above, you will benefit from our Interview Coaching.

We Will Teach You

  • Interview preparation
  • The meaning behind the questions
  • How to best answer Behavioural Interview questions
  • Understanding the STAR Interview technique

Interview Coaching Will Consist Of

  • Understanding your current career and future direction
  • Resume Critique
  • Tailored behavioural interview to prepare you for the real thing
  • Full interview debrief