Not every role simply requires a great resume and cover letter. Applying for roles within government and some Not-for-Profit organisations will involve the complex challenge of responding to arduous selection criteria.

Resume Partners can assist you in articulating your qualifications, knowledge and experience relevant to the role you are applying for. Responding to selection criteria is best done by providing examples and supporting your results with specific examples that the decision make will find relevant to role being recruited. A popular method to use is the STAR technique which involves describing the Situation or setting the context for the Task which refers to your role. The next step is to explain the Action you took and finally complete the statement with the Result.

There are many pitfalls when addressing selection criteria so be mindful of the following,

Keep your examples brief. Responding to selection criteria is a way of determining your level of communication. Much like the application with the 6 or 7 page resume, those who lack the ability to summarise will be immediately discounted

Ensure that your answer is relevant. So many times we applicants answer the question they would like to see. Even though it is the government, a typical politician style response will not suffice.

Make them positive. This is your opportunity to shine. Sell yourself and your skills.

Employing our expertise will showcase your key skills in the best possible light.