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Property Buying Tips in 2022 The property market is in a state of flux. In the coming years, prices are likely to increase year-over-year at a slower pace than in 2021, with Millennials expected to be more savvy negotiators than their predecessors. As a result, it’s essential to study the market carefully, including neighborhood demographics. Read More

5 Steps to Interview

5 Steps to Interview How To Land An Interview There are 5 things to consider before mailing your resume to a potential employer: Application Format Content Spelling & Grammar Presentation Application Always respond to a job advertisement in the manner requested. You Are Unique! If a phone number is included in the advertisement, call them. Read More

US Jobless Claims

By AT Partnerships | Posted 10 Oct 2014 Thursday’s trading news comes down to a simple explanation; Stocks and commodities tumbled around the globe! The Dow lead the way in losses in the US. European markets worried about a softening European economy that could be trouble for US earnings down the road. The Dow fell 1.97%, S&P 2.07%. Read More

More Than A Bookkeeper or Accountant – You Need Full Business Advisor Services To Grow Your Business

The Benefits of a Business Advisor Bookkeepers do one thing, and one thing only – and that’s keeping on top of your financial situation: hence you need a business advisor to develop your business. By hiring a business advisor, you can rest assured that they will be filing and documenting your businesses’ transactions, and they Read More

Timothy K. Fife Markets update FOMC & Yellon Take Centre Stage

FOMC & Yellon Take Centre Stage There were some major movement in Currencies for a Monday, March 16, that went against general patterns established during this year. Draghi’s positive comments about European economic improvement was the catalyst for a 100 pip gain with the EUR/USD but noted is some weakness during the past couple of Read More

Medical Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

Medical Indemnity Insurance for Doctors   As a medical professional, you’ll agree that there isn’t much that’s as important as gaining reliable medical indemnity insurance. Although medical procedures have been undergoing technological advancements, the tendency for incidents to occur is still a prominent concern amongst the medical community. Medical indemnity insurance isn’t just beneficial to Read More

How Public Relations Can Provide Business Solutions

How Public Relations Can Help Your Business Today   Whether you’re thinking about launching a start up business in Sydney or offering unique products and services, or if you already run an established organization and you’re looking for a way to increase your profits and build a better reputation amongst your client base; you simply Read More